Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Eat, a house

I managed to cancel my Just Eat account over the weekend. I did a list of all the orders I'd made over the last few months and it made me cry. The list it generated for the month of October was 14 items long.

I want to say that this is not as bad as it sounds, and to some extent, it isn't. Sometimes Nic and I order a takeaway but she wants one thing and I want something else, so we'll order twice within a few minutes. Still. FOURTEEN orders in a month is terrible. Probably they averaged about a tenner each as well. This is maybe even on the low side. I'm sure I'm going to be saving a couple hundred pounds and a few dozen thousand kcals per month from now on. I might take up another habit to drain away an equivalent amount of cash. A lot of people are talking about that heroin stuff.

Rob out.

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